Hearing Protection

Noise exposure is the biggest cause of permanent hearing damage –
and it is avoidable! DR GEORGE explains how hearing protection can keep your hearing safe whilst retaining the enjoyment of noisy activities.

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Sound intensities are measured in decibels (dB) and it is the decibels at or above 85 that cause ear damage.


  Raindrops 40dB

  Normal Conversation 60dB

  Normal Street Noise 70dB

  Noisy Office 80dB


 Noisy Factory 90dB

  Night Clubs 110dB

  An iPod at Peak Volume 115dB

   Fireworks Display 120dB

   Gunshots 145dB

In addition to reduced hearing capability, the consequences of exposure to high levels of noise include:

  Stress and nervousness

  Reduced concentration and quality of sleep

  Reduced performance and productivity

  Increased risk of workplace accidents

  Communication difficulties

  Feeling of isolation

  Increased medical expenses


Do you work in a noisy environment?

Long-term hearing problems can be caused by exposure to loud, constant sounds all day long at work.  Over a period of time sounds louder than 90dB can permanently damage your hearing and impair your ability to communicate.  However with properly fitted DR GEORGE earplugs you can significantly reduce loud noises and prevent hearing damage and loss.

Musicians – Do you play an instrument?

Musicians who frequently work or play music in a high-decibel environment can suffer from ear fatigue, hearing loss, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound, shifts in pitch perception and sound distortion.  With appropriate hearing protection you can prevent problems without distorting what you hear and can even enhance your music experience.  Call us now on  77 77 65 00 for a free consultation on the most suitable hearing protection for musicians.

Music Listeners

Listening to music at a loud volume is a common risk factor, resulting in many younger people in particular damaging their hearing.  Not using earplugs at concerts, festivals and nightclubs, or turning up the volume on your music player for more than 5 hours a week, is very dangerous to your hearing over a period of time.  To prevent damage we have many ‘fun-looking’ earplugs available that are so comfortable you’ll forget you are using them.


Swimmers often experience sensitivity to water in the ear, and may succumb to irritation and even infection.  Our custom-made waterproof swim plugs protect your ears and prevent discomfort while allowing you to continue participating in the water sports you enjoy.


CAUTION: Hunters and Shooters need Ear Protection!

As gunfire typically exceeds 130dB it is advisable to obtain reliable, quality hearing protection that can prevent needless and permanent damage to your hearing.  Be aware that it only takes one shot from your shotgun or handgun to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss since loud, sudden noises are the most damaging.  What happens is that you undergo a temporary threshold shift when exposed to gunfire and the symptoms include a temporary loss of hearing and a ringing sound in your ears for a short period.  Experiencing too many of these temporary threshold shifts will cause a permanent shift, or permanent hearing loss and possibly a persistent ringing in your ears.

We have a selection of the best available electronic ear plugs to choose from including some that provide amplification while reducing the gunfire sounds down to a safe level. Click here to see our specially designed ear protection for hunters and shooters.

BEWARE: Loud Noise Levels can harm your health!

  Loud, sudden noises are more damaging to hearing than regular and extended exposure to hearing sounds over a period of time.

  Hearing loss is a gradual process so you might not realise you are losing your hearing until it is too late. 

  Just as you would take preventative measures to protect yourself from such health problems as heart disease or diabetes, it pays to protect yourself from hearing damage and loss.

  Remember - once you have lost a portion of your hearing, you can never regain it because once the microscopic hair cells of the inner ear are destroyed they do not grow back.

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