The 10 Noisiest Jobs

A career is an important aspect of happiness and many of us find fulfillment in the work and services we offer to society. Here at DR GEORGE Hearing Centers we too love the work we do and would like to keep you and your loved ones informed of the Noisiest Jobs that you could come into contact with. Exposure to noise over 85 dB (decibels) is considered harmful and can cause noise-induced hearing loss. The longer a person is exposed, and the louder the noise, the greater the effect it might have on their hearing in the future


1. Airport Ground Staff: 140 dB is the intensity of sound generated by a jet taking off

2. Formula 1 Racing Driver: 135 dB this job is not only high octane but also very high in decibels

3. Miner: 135 dB the main causes of noise in this profession is the use of heavy duty machinery and power tools

4. Builder: 130 dB another profession with unavoidable use of heavy duty machinery

5. Carpenter: 120 dB is the level of noise produced by the an electrical saw

6. Musician /DJ or Owner of a Night Club: 115 dB is the loudness that music is played at most bars and clubs and can affect not only the DJ but also the doormen and bar staff. Research has shown that 4 out of 10 musicians have some degree of hearing loss

7. Gardener: 107 dB can be generated by a lawn mower and puts this seemingly calm job in the Top 10 list

8. Courier/Delivery man: 103 dB is the level of noise that can be generated by “wind noise” blowing in a motor cyclist’s ear and is the main culprit in this case

9. Nursery School Teacher: A toddler screaming and shouting can generate 85 dB of noise

10. Hairdresser: 85 dB is the noise level produced by a blow dryer


If you are concerned about someone you know with one of the jobs listed below, you should advise them to always wear hearing protection for their ears and also visit us for a free hearing test and advisory consultation at one of our DR GEORGE Hearing Centers. Remember, for people exposed to high levels of noise, they should have their hearing checked – before it is too late.